based in the hudson valley of upstate new york (b. 1994)

derived from the intimate connections that exist in space, between people, and then metaphysically, my work aims to explore the amorphous cloud world where emotions, memories and the visceral subconscious exist.
the physical and emotional energy once emitted by a relationship linger in this subconscious grey area, between memory and reality, forcing feeling upon us when thought about or reminded of. this cloud world, where memory connects to physicality, is only able to be rendered into comprehension with shapes, lines and colors that feel inherently connected to those indescribable sensations. 
through a process of reminiscence and feeling, i allow my subconscious to guide me as i am lead to a composition which alludes to the image of familiar energy—that which surrounds a relationship or connection of my far or near past. with a fortuitous hand, the addition and subtraction of layers, color, and line weave together to correspond with those palpable recollections. through material and emotional connectivity, intimacy is recreated and feelings are aroused from their resting place on command.  

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